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As a business, you need a website that stands out. A well designed website is what attracts more attention. We give you dynamic solutions

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Personal blogging

If you are a professional photographer, a budding chef or a freelancer trying his hands on writing, we give personalized web solutions for your personal blog.

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Marketing is all about good packaging. A website that is elegantly designed, is responsive across various platforms is liked more amongst users. We offer end-to-end branding services.

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SEO plays an important role in establishing a start-up business. We offer budget-friendly SEO solutions that can take your startup to the next level.

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Giant corporate businesses always want to maintain a status in the market. With a high-end website design that represents their brand is a perfect solution to be on the top.

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E-Commerce Stores

Selling of goods online has become a common market place to find a huge customer base. By giving you unmatched website services, we give you a robust design that meets your business needs.

Our approach

Information Gathering

Our Aim

Brand Focus

Our Expertise

Strategic Marketing


Brand Tonality

We work with companies
to identify their brands.

 We have a team of qualified professionals that understands your brand, brand tonality and brand image, which gives you an edge over. Our web content writers having huge experience in this field provide you with creative, informative and effective web content writing for your website.

SEO Solution

SEO for
Public awareness

We lead SEO campaigns in an effort to optimize your search engine results. We have had tremendous success establishing the public’s awareness through SEO campaigns.

SEO for
Boosting Sales

We design a strategic SEO campaign for your website that generate enough leads and help you convert them into sales

SEO for

A successful SEO not only pulls your rank up in the SERP, but also helps your brand to be visible to your audience. From handling SEO campaigns to offsite content campaigns, we provide all.

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Beating Competitors

We believe that rich content and keeping abreast with the change in the SEO technology is what matters that can easily help you outperform your competition.

SEO for
Positive Marketing

Regardless of your business size or business activities, we offer 360 degree solutions in SEO. We rely on this marketing tool as it positively drives in more traffic to your website.

SEO for
Ranking up

To always remain on the top, you need to work hard, it’s same with SEO. We form a dedicated strategy to rank your brand on the top of the SERP.


Qualified Leads


Relationship Building

Our Expertise

High Rank on SERP

Final Goal

Brand Recignition
Your leads will help you earn from your investments

Ottawa Tech Heroes – the digital marketing experts, focus on drawing qualified visitors (leads) to your site and guide them along the path to purchase your product/service

Your powerful tool to lead generation. We can help!

SEO will help you connect with the right audience at the right time by organically leveraging your website’s visibility to the people who are looking for your product or service through search engines. As a general rule of thumb, websites that appear at the top of search results gain better traffic to their pages, which can possibly turn into potential business opportunities.

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Your website is your credibility quotient for your customers.Let Ottawa Tech Heroes maintain your website, while you focus on growing your business.

Integration of

If your business involves selling products, an e-commerce website is a must. We offer integrated solutions.


To avoid unforeseen situations, having a copy on hand can minimize the stress and time of recovery. From FTP to cloud, we offer all solutions to keep your data safe for you.

Hacked Website

If your website is hacked and worried about what will happen to all your website data. We have the expertise of restoring your site to the same working state.

Increase Security

Everything that is online is vulnerable to virus attacks or hacking. Let us take care of your website security along with protection solutions.

SEO Schema

Recreating SEO schema can be cumbersome. We have the required tools and experts that can improve the way your page is represented on the SERPs.

Assemble. Create. Maintain. We do it all!

We focus on fast, economical solutions for today’s demanding and value-conscious businesses. If you want your clients and partners to visit your website over and over again, you need a website that is aesthetically appealing and functionally fast.

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We are a fairly flexible design studio that designs for types of business solutions. Lets talk over a coffee for all your branding needs!

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