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Market Ready eCommerce Platform

& everything else your online business needs

Selling of goods online has become a common market place to find a huge customer base. By giving you unmatched website services, we give you a robust design that meets your business needs.

Attraction leads to sales and give you return on investment

We set up your eCommerce Website that lets you connect with your customers in just a few days.  Ease of navigation is always in the forefront of our design process and websites that produce results are what Ottawa Tech Heroes is all about.

eCommerce Website
with exclusive features

Scalable, Secure and Cloud-hosted infrastructure that you can grow on. Comes integrated with 100+ third party products (for payments, logistics) that makes your online business a big success.

Inspired by Nature

with professionalism

Ottawa Tech Heroes has worked on a couple of projects in the eCommerce industry, which included services beyond the design and web. Ready to expand your customer base and increase revenues streams by going online?

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We are a fairly flexible design studio that designs for types of business solutions. Lets talk over a coffee for all your branding needs!

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